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We are pleased to welcome you to our site. In this log we will keep you informed about the activities of Innocis and facts about Bhutan.

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Innocis Foundation is committed to the facilitation and improvement of the treatment of addiction and psychiatric disorders in developing countries. “Care in Spirit” means that the Innocis Foundation works from the heart, person to person, sharing knowledge and experience.

Following the visit of the Queen Mother of Bhutan the first project was launched in 2011 under the name: "Building Bridges, The Bhutan Project".

With the financial support of the Spaap Foundation and some private donations the Innocis Foundation was able to develop its first activites in Bhutan in 2012. In January and February the online connection with Bhutan was extensively tested. A strong online connection is necessary to share expertise. As soon as the test set-up works, the necessary hardware and software will be pruchased and installed in Bhutan. Innocis Foundation is also working on a prevention program to inform the youth of Bhutan about the the risks of drug and alcohol abuse.

Innocis makes use of the expertise of professional healthcare workers who volunteer their time for Bhutan. If you would like to read more about the volunteers or the projects you will find additional information on the site. If you would like to support the Innocis Foundation and Bhutan, simply press the donate button. You will be redirected to the donation module.

With your support the youth of Bhutan will have access to information and assistance related to alcohol and drugs from professional healthcare workers.